Friday, November 18, 2011

Q&A at the BFI

Fresh from success at BAF, "I wish I went to Ecuador" is screening at London's BFI as part of We the Peoples Film Festival! The film has become a favourite on Your World View and I've been invited to travel down to London for a Q&A. The film is really making waves - today Victoria meets Lord Prescott to talk about One Hull of a Rainforest and I'm looking forward to sharing the outcome of the meeting to the BFI audience. The film, which was made for the big screen is screening in full HD cinema resolution and 5.1 surround so check it out at the BFI if you can make it.

BAF Best Film by Young Animators

Hot off the heals of the award success at Kids for Kids UK, "I wish I went to Ecuador" (Bricknell Primary School) was awarded the coveted BAF award for Best Film by Young Animators on Saturday. BAF received more entries this year than ever before for this award and the competition from around the world made this award truly special.

The jury of distinguished animators Barry Purvis, Linda McCarthy and Irina Margolina said:
We were so impressed by the epic cinematic quality of this film, not only with its glorious colours, but with its inventive technique. On top of this was a very powerful and moving message presented with such charm and infectious energy.
Kudlian Software supported the award and generously presented Victoria from Bricknell School with copies of I Can Animate 2, Pro Animate and a HD webcam. It's the perfect gift as Kudlian supported production of the film and customised Pro Animate, achieving a technical milestone - the first film made by children to be filmed in HD CinemaScope and mastered in DCP.
From left: Festival director Deb Singleton, myself, Victoria Jones, Kudlian Software MD James Betts

The awards on 12th November coincided with the groundbreaking BBC documentary project, Britain in a Day and we filmed the whole day from Victoria's perspective. The rushes are available for viewing along with thousands of others on YouTube.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Jury at Leeds International Film Festival

I am really honoured to have been invited on the Jury at this years Leeds International Film Festival. 5 full days of films coming up! I’m too thirds through judging the international animation competition and boy are there some extraordinary film in the category. I feel inspired and privileged just to have seen them. For those in the area, it's an amazing festival - well worth checking out.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tenacity and Talent

I've been invited by Animated Yorkshire to join this industry panel of animators the Bradford Animation Festival, showing short clips of recent work and sharing experiences of the highs and lows of the animation business. Joining me will be Tim Searle (Baby Cow Animation), Rob Millington (The Neighbourhood), Linda McCarthy (Tiny Elephants), Mole Hill (Animator/Director/Designer) and Matt Howarth (Puppetman Productions). I feel quite intimidated just reading the list! Take a look at the Animated Yorkshire website for more information about the panel members. Friday 11th November, 12-2.30pm. You can book tickets here.

New film debuts at arts festival

Good write up about the premiere of Betty and Dorothy in todays Ripon Gazette

Grand Prize for I wish I went to Ecuador

“I wish I went to Ecuador”, Bricknell Primary School's conservation film mentored by myself, was awarded the Grand Prize for Outstanding Film - twice! - at the Kids for Kids UK Film Festival this weekend in the 6-12 category, by both the professional and youth jury. Kids for Kids UK is set-up to help promote young film and media makers throughout the UK. KFK UK is the national partner of the international Kids for Kids Film Festival Movement which comes under the umbrella of CIFEJ (International Centre of Film for Children and Young Adults). The next nomination will be at the Bradford Animation Festival on Saturday 12 November! Congratuations to everyone. The film is inspired by one primary teacher's life changing visit to the Andes, the Cloud Forest and the Rain Forest. You can see the film online on Your World View.

Making The Astronomers Sun

If you are interested in knowing more about the production of "The Astronomers Sun", then this vodcast should be of interest. Writer/Directors Simon Cartright and Jessica Cope discuss the making of the film with me. It sounds like we recoreded it in a toilet, but it's worth a listen.