Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm lucky to be working with a truly inspirational couple of artists, Sharon Marsden and Jeff Turner at verd de gris on their arts project "Dreams". Dreams is a cross-generational arts initiative that works with younger and older people to explore aspects of identity, aspiration, ambition and fantasy - through discussion, reminiscence and participation in a series of creative workshops. The aim of the project is to try and broadened our knowledge and understanding of our culture and how we live today.

Jeff and Sharon asked me to lead workshops with year 6 students in three schools in West Yorkshire: Salford, Rochdale and Liverpool. With each child we are capturing their dreams for the future in animation. It is such a special privilege to help children express their hopes in animation, and I've been nothing but awed by what they have produced.

You can read about more about dreams on the Verd de gris website.

I am looking forward to working in Liverpool in May. News on the Dreams exhibition which taking place in June soon.