Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4Mations interivew

Check out this great 4mations interview with directors Simon Cartwright and Jessica Cope about their film "The Astronomers Sun". Co-producer Peter Kershaw and myself popped over last Friday. All very exciting - after months gearing up, we entering animation production proper this week. Hurrah!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Culture Shock Festival

I know its summer again when the Culture Shock Festival is back! This year the festival moved to Pickering for 3 fun packed days in my flipbook tent. These really are some of my favorite workshops. You just can't beat the fun and creativity of making flipbooks. In 3 days we made 300 flipbooks! Now that's a lot of animating! For extra fun we filmed some of the flipbooks on a rostrum stand - you can see the results below. Thursdays flipbooks were made by secondary schools. Fridays by Junior schools. These workshops were just 50 minutes each - so we didn't get to film that many. Saturday was a drop in day - very chilled, which more time to make flipbooks and film them. Enjoy.

For those eager to see their flipbooks - check back soon. I'm had problems uploading to my blog today - but never fear - they will be up very soon!

Selection of flipbooks made my Primary pupils at the Culture Shock Festival, Pickering 2009