Thursday, June 30, 2011

Carbon Cycle Caper travels Down Under with SCINEMA

Carbon Cycle Caper has been selected for inclusion in the travelling festival program, and in Official Competition for SCINEMA 2011. The travelling program will see it play at around 400 venues across Australia, from high profile venues like Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, to the obscure, like Dripstone High School in the remote Indigenous community of Tiwi Island!

“Carbon Cycle Caper”,  an innovative animated film promoting an education game for pupils, luanced on the Science Museum website in April. I directed the film at Sunderland University, with a team of student animators. Sound by the Digital Audio Company. Editing and compositing by Digital Keyframe.

Part of the Science Museums new set of resource exploring climate science, “Carbon Cycle Caper”, enables students to understand the carbon cycle, how it has been affected by our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution and how this underlies current worries about climate change.

Conceived as a way to forge new links between the sciences and the arts, SCINEMA has explored ways to enhance communication to raise public and stakeholder excitement and trust in science through the medium of film, while also celebrating the scientific advances in film technology itself.

News coverage for "I wish I went to Ecuador"

"I wish I went to Ecuador" was filmed using DLSR cameras with Pro Animate software and we are indebted to Kudlian Software for sponsoring the film and being so accommodating to production needs. There is a good article about the upcoming premiere on their website.
Pete Haslam (above) will be broadcasting news about the premiere on his radio news programme on WHCR, 106.9FM in Hull tomorrow at 12pm. He came to visit us on the set last month and interviewed some of the pupils.  He'll be visiting Bricknell Priamry School again next week to speak to the pupils about the premiere.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Animated conservation film made by Hull children is set to make history during its world premiere on Europe’s only Cinerama screen this Saturday

Really really excitied about the premiere of new film made by children from Bricknell Primary School this Saturday. I wish I went to Ecuador” tells the true story of a life changing expedition by a primary school teacher, Mrs Jones, to the Andes, the Cloud Forest and the Rain Forest. Her story enthralled her pupils so much, they decided to make an animated film to help create awareness of rainforest conservation around the world.
 Filmed in Cinemascope, over 600 children worked on the film in with me, editor Adam Kirk and Sound designer Dave Aston. It is believed to be the first film made by children to be presented in the new industry standard high definition Digital Cinema Format and surround sound. Audiences in and around Bradford can see the incredible result when it premieres on Europe’s only Cinerama screen, Pictureville Cinema at the National Media Museum on Saturday 2nd July at 12.30pm. The film plays alongside “This is Cinerama”, the first 3-strip film ever made. In showing their support to One Hull of a Rainforest, the museum is granting free entry to children to see the film.

One Hull of a Rainforest is a project started by a group of primary school teachers, including Victoria Toothill Jones, with the vision of inspiring the children of Hull through a sustainable curriculum and direct action. The project aims to raise approximately £250,000 to enable One Hull of a Rainforest to purchase and protect 100 hectares of land which lie adjacent to the Maquipucuna reserve.
Tickets for the film premiere can be purchased from the National Media Museum box office. Under 18s are free!