Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and an animated new year!

Animation art from "Jimmy Saves the Olympics" for AWG film "Olympics Lets Fantasize", animated by young people around the the world to celebrate the Olympic games. "Jimmy Saves the Olympics" was made at the National Media Museum with the support by the Lottery through the UK Film Council's First Light Movies initiative, who fund and inspire young people throughout the UK to make films reflecting the diversity of their lives.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anim8ed Stories premiere celebration

I've had an incredible few months delivering the National Media Museums educational outreach programme, Anim8ed Stories in schools and museums in Bradford and York. 

I've been lucky to work with brilliant team, Julie O Regan at the National Media Museum, Phil Regan, animator Simon Collins, zoom animations Kath Shakleton and Zane Whittingham, voice artist Martine Dunn, Tony Simons and his learning team at the National Railway Museum, Luke Owen at Cartwright Hall, and a fabulous group of schools, teachers and most important of all, pupils, all of whom have made the last few months a tremendously rewarding experience. 

Last Friday we packed out the Picturville Cinema at the
 National Media Museum to premiere the resulting animated films and celebrate the overwhelming achievements that each and every pupil made. Phase 2 of Anim8ed Stories starts in January, working in Hull and Bradford.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tribute to an animation friend

It is with much sadness that I learnt of the passing of the Patt Raine Webb, who died on 5 December, 2008, leaving her lifelong companion Margot Grimwood.

Although Pat was not a household name to film goers, for any member of the animation community she and Margot were an important presence for the international animation world. Pat was president of ASIFA-UK and for many years she and Margot kept the chapter alive almost single handily in the UK. They wrote, edited, and mailed Dope Sheet, the chapter’s newsletter. As a member of the ASIFA International Board, Pat worked tirelessly to support established animators and spread the gospel of animation around the world. Perhaps her greatest contribution was the support and encouragement that she gave to young animators. As a senior board member her opinions and observations have been of great value to her fellow board members.
I had the pleasure to meet Patt and Margot at the Bradford Animation Festival last month. She was absolutely indispensable in supporting our workshop for the ASIFA Workshop Group Film "Olympics, Let's Fantasize" which we screened during the festival. She was a true force of nature, actively involved in animation festivals around the world to the very end. My abiding memory of her will will be watching Patt and Margot dance into the small hours at the BAF closing night party and joining them for a dance. She embodied animation in it's fullest sense, with a zest for life, a vibrancy, enthusiasm and vigour for life that was contagious. She will be very greatly missed.
Her funeral took place today in London.
For a full tribute to Patt Raine Webb view the ASIFA tribute here.