Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Astronomers Sun now online!

I'm delighted to announce that after an amazing festival run, “The Astronomers Sun” is now available to view online!

Thanks to Adam Kirk for uploading the film to the Duchy Parade Films YouTube page in breathtaking HD, and for updating the website on which it now resides. We hope this will find a new audience, and we encourage you all to promote it and tell the world!

The Astronomers Sun has had a terrific festival run, playing in over 70 festivals around the world, and embraced both critically and by audiences and winning 16 awards to date. It’s broken Screen Yorkshires record as their most successful animated short film by quite a stretch. It’s a testament to everyone who worked on this film and did so much to make it what it is – to Simon and Jess, and the entire production team who helped bring it to the screen. Major thanks also has to go to Peter Kershaw who has along with me, been promoting it at festivals for going on for two years now and Adam Kirk who has been sending copies of the film in various screening formats to festivals around the world.

Thanks eveyone for supporting us.