Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back at Aardman!

Well, I'm so excited to be back at Aardman Animations! This is my second week storyboarding on the second series of "Shaun the Sheep". I'm here with Jay, Ashley and James, all from the feature storyboard course, and Aardman storyboard guru, Rob, who is kindly suffering us all and imparting his years of knowledge and skills when asked. As "Shaun the Sheep" has no dialogue, it is a particularly interesting storyboard challenge, as we try to find the best way to visually tell the story. And what a wonderful challenge. Of course, like all of Aardman's animations, the characters are all wonderful, and my main challenge early on has been to get into their shoes. One of the many brilliant things about Aardman is that we have models from the 1st series to hand for reference. Here's a couple of photos of myself and Ashley working hard :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goole Silent Movie sails to Switzerland

"Dr A D Holmes" and "The Lost Princess" screened in Switzerland at the Super8 Special 2008 on Saturday! Rain put pay to plans to screen the films outside, but neues kino was nearly full with a crowd of abot 60 people watching the program. Also quite a lot of filmmakers were there in person.