Saturday, August 06, 2011

Goole Premiere for Goole Straight 8

The Goole premiere of our Goole Straught 8 films. Terrific to see so many people turn out for one heck of a celebration.

 Sam Burrows, Hannah Griffin and Harvey Griffin
Director, Hannah Turner
 Producer David Bunting and Supervising Director Madeliene Thorne
 David Bunting, crew supervisor Adam Kirk and Madeliene Thorne
"Going Up" stars, Francesca Jackson and Mathew Oldreive

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Astronomers Sun East Asia Premiere

The Astronomers Sun is playing in competition at the Kavalan International Short Film Festival 2011 in Taiwan.

London Straight 8 premiere

It was a one amazing premiere in London. Young directors Hannah Turner and Harvey Griffin joined Nicola Dixon and myself for the Straight 8 premiere at Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival. The mix and quality of films was breathtaking. Ahead of todays Goole premire, here's some pictures for the big day!
Hannah and Harvey waiting to see their films for the first time with an audience!
 Nicola Dixon, who's bold vision inspired all of our journeys.
 The technical challenge of producing any straight 8 film is immense. One brainy filmmaker wowed us all with his 3D super 8 film technique.
 Harvey's Dad, Harvey, David, Hannah and Hannah's mum.
The walk of fame. The Straight 8 directors on stage at the ICA.